Zhejiang Export Commodities (Kuala Lumpur) Fair

The Zhejiang Export Commodities (Kuala Lumpur) Fair is an overseas self-organized exhibition organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce. It is hosted by Zhejiang Yuanda International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and is positioned as a regional international professional fair, based in Malaysia, facing ASEAN, radiating South Asia and the Middle East. Concentrated on the unique charm of “Made in Zhejiang”.


The first Zhejiang Export Commodities (Kuala Lumpur) Fair was successfully held in December 2013. It organized a total of 46 companies and 101 booths. The exhibition is divided into three professional exhibition areas - Electromechanical and Hardware Building Materials Exhibition, Commodity Consumption and Gifts Exhibition. The conference, food and beverage exhibition, local government departments of ASEAN countries and Southeast Asian buyers. At present, the exhibition has become one of the most effective platforms for economic and trade exchanges between Zhejiang and ASEAN. It is also the preferred exhibition for Zhejiang enterprises to explore the ASEAN market. It is scheduled to be held regularly in Kuala Lumpur every December.

After the completion of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, Zhejiang's export-oriented products, textile and electromechanical products, can enter the ASEAN market with zero tariffs, which has played a positive role in expanding the market for Zhejiang-related foreign trade enterprises.

Currently, Malaysia has become the ASEAN country with the most trade with China. Malaysia's economic foundation is solid and its economic growth prospects are broad. Among the five founding members of ASEAN, Malaysia is the first country to formally establish diplomatic relations with China. Secondly, Malaysia is an important entrepot trader in Southeast Asia. It plays an important role in Southeast Asia and ASEAN. It is close to the “Golden Waterway” Strait of Malacca and has unique advantages in transportation. It is relatively distant from West Asia, South Asia and Europe, America and Africa. Closer is an important hub for the Asian market. In addition, Malaysia's GDP continues to grow, the market-oriented economy and the government's policy of providing growth and profit opportunities for the business community.

The 6th ZHEJIANG EXPORT FAIR MALAYSIA 2018 will be holded from 13th-16th,Dec,2018 in  Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.Welcome to visit our Booth,our Booth NO. is ZJ058.

Add:41, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)).