What Can Be Done By Recycling Old Paper Cups

Environmental protection has always been advocated. How can it be considered environmental protection? Recycling of resources and rational utilization of resources are all very important.

Once these cups have been used, they will be recycled, and then they will be cleaned manually. The workload of cleaning these cups is very large.

The cleaned cup will be thrown into the machine and chopped and then compressed. About 50 cups will be pressed into the volume of a cup. After the compression, the cups will become one piece, sent to the plastic processing plant to process.

Then some other material will be added, and the last thing is the black strip, and the first time you see it, you should not guess what it is.

Then we should pile up these black strips. At this time, many people may be confused and have no idea what is going on.

Finally, when I see the finished product, I should be a little surprised. I didn't expect to make a chair. The most important thing is to reuse these wastes which are not easily decomposed, and then replace the wood to make such an environmental protection facility. It is really a good thing.

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