What Are The Materials Used In The Making Of Paper Cups

What are the materials used in the making of paper cups

The production process of the cold drink cup: directly printed by paper cup original paper, die cutting, processing and molding, and the surface spray of food wax. The production process of the hot drink cup is made of paper cup paper by PE film, printing, die cutting and processing.

The composition of 1. paper cup original paper

(1) the composition of the original paper

The main component of paper cups is plant fiber, its production process is generally used for softwood and hardwood such as plant fiber pulp through dispersion and grinding, adding chemical materials, after the screening, paper making machine.

(2) technical requirements

According to the processing performance and performance of the paper cup, it is determined that the paper cup original paper must have the following technical requirements.

High water resistance

The paper cup, which is required to be printed, has no water leakage and water leakage, so the paper cup original paper is required to have high water resistance.

Easy processing molding

In order to avoid the production of paper cups, paper and Dazhou phenomenon appear in the production process, and to prevent the deformation after molding paper cups, paper cups for stiffness to be high, good smoothness of printing technology, density and thickness should be moderate, easy to process. RR Donnelley

The surface of the paper is fine

Printed cups, surface roughness control requirements of printing paper or film PE after printing, to meet the requirements of printing surface paper cups.

High whiteness

On the premise of not using the fluorescent agent, the paper should have the equivalent whiteness CTP of paper to ensure the clarity and brilliantly of the printing pattern.

High security

Paper cups, which belong to food packaging materials, directly contact with the population, must meet the hygienic standard in the aspect of hygiene. The paper cups and base paper and paper cups should be regularly sent to the local national health and epidemic prevention system for health inspection, so as to ensure the safety of users. Paper cup original paper should conform to "Hygienic standard for raw paper for food packaging"

The composition of 2. paper cups

The paper cup paper is made of the paper cup original paper and the plastic resin particle, and the plastic resin usually uses PE resin. The paper cup original paper is a single PE paper cup paper or double PE paper cup after being drenched single side PE film or double sided PE film.

PE itself has the advantages of innocuity, odorless, tasteless, reliable hygienic performance, stable chemical performance, balanced physical and mechanical properties, good cold resistance, water resistance, moisture-proof and certain oxygen resistance, good oil resistance, excellent molding performance and good heat sealing performance. PE film production, convenient source, low price, but it is not suitable for high temperature cooking, if the cup has a special performance requirements, it should be used with the corresponding resin film properties.

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