Visit Baicaowei Building To Learn From Culture And Innovative Ideas

Theoretical content, after all, is the lack of practical testing, and can not completely solve the actual work of the unexpected problems.At the beginning of August, a group of our company visited the baicaowei headquarters office building.A visit to the office building gives us a more intuitive understanding of corporate culture.



Follow the pace of relevant staff, the eye is a lush green plants wall, two colors of the green plants highlight the sense of hierarchy, we can not help but sigh that the green plants grow really good.

  • The nuances reflect corporate culture


for hot drink



Everywhere on the wall there are all kinds of warm tips, can not help but let a person feel warm it protects the safety of employees, cherishes the use of office appliances,saves energy and so on, which is very meaningful.

What is interesting is the names of various offices in the baicao flavor office building.such as changbai mountain.Australia,etc.Baicao flavor staff explained that this is the place of origin of all kinds of products with good sales. The raw materials of delicious food come from all over the country and even the world,which is very impressive.


Then we visited the enterprise honor display wall, set up a whole display wall,will be a comprehensive display of the baicao taste enterprise honor.


Under the guidance of relevant personnel,we came to the snack convenience store of baicao flavor and visited the variety of snacks of baicao flavor.

This time came to baicao taste visit harvest quite a lot, finally sincerely wish pangdu environmental protection, baicao taste development is getting better and better,come on!