There Are Several Problems In The Unqualified Disposable Paper Cup

There are several problems in the unqualified disposable paper cup

The use of disposable paper cup, originally for the sake of convenience, drink a health, but there are always unqualified products full of the market, affecting the health of the public. Generally speaking, there are three main problems in the unqualified paper cup:

One is that some products are too soft. They are easily deformed after falling into the water. Some can not even end up.

Two, the sealing of some paper cups is poor, and the bottom of the cup is easy to seep.

Three is a small number of paper cup production enterprises in order to make the cup become more white, add a lot of fluorescent whitening agent. According to the clinical experiment of medicine, the fluorescent substance can cause the cell to produce variation. Once the fluorescent agent enters the human body, it will become a potential carcinogen.

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