The Significance Of Paper Cups Supplier

A paper cup as the name suggests is a cup . However the main benefit that it’s easily disposable and environmental friendly.


The paper cup producers mostly use recycled paper for the purpose which may be said to be a great step to ensure against environmental balance; in a way decreasing the cutting down of trees. Mostly the paper cups are lined with wax or plastic to prevent the content to soak or leak out. Also the coating gives extra strength to the cups. Because of these reasons and the cheap rates the paper cups are used widely everywhere in the globe.


The counterparts of the paper cups which have been usually manufactured from some steel or glass are expensive to dispose with once used. Additionally, using the same cups by many can be unhygienic. This was actually the history behind the thought why paper cup had been introduced. It became simpler for the railways, public drinking water services, hospitals, schools, shopping malls to go hand in hand with the health department.


With the invention and knowledge of the use of polythene, paper cup manufacturers dispensed with the wax too and waterproofing was accomplished by making use of a very thin layer of polythene (PE) on both sides. This did not hamper recycling too and the material was recycled to be used for toilet rolls, copier paper and kitchen rolls.


Additionally paper cup manufacturing has created a new profitable business. The Dixie cups were first known as Health Kulp and rightly so. At the beginning paper cups were waterproofed by coating the inside of the cup which made it water resistant but this resulted in smelly drinks. This issue was removed by spraying the each side of the cups with wax.