​The Harmful Of Poor Quality Paper Cup

Disposable cups on the market which have different qualities with greater risk. In order to make the cup look more white, some paper cups manufacturers add fluorescent to make it brightener. Fluorescent materials can make cells produce variation, once into the human body will become a potential carcinogenic factors.


In order to make paper cups have a waterproof effect, the production of polyethylene inner wall coated with polyethylene film, polyethylene is the safest food processing chemicals, but if the material is not good choice or customs processing, polyethylene in the hot melt can be carbonyl compounds, which is less volatile at ambient temperatures, but volatile when poured into hot water, so people smell strange odors. Although no studies have shown that carbonyl compounds released from paper cups are harmful to human beings, theoretically long-term absorption of these organic compounds is harmful to the human body. Even more worries, some is the use of recycled polyethylene in poor quality paper cups, which can lead to changes in cracking during rework, resulting in many hazardous substances migrating more easily into the water during use. The state explicitly prohibits the use of polyethylene for food packaging recycling, but some small factories in order to save costs, still being violation.


In the production of paper cups in order to achieve water-proof effect, will be coated with polyethylene interior wall insulation film. Polyethylene is a safer chemical in food processing. Insoluble in water, non-toxic and tasteless. The base compound does not volatilize at room temperature, but when the paper cup is poured into hot water, it evaporates and smelt it. Long-term intake of this organic compound, is not conducive to health, or even cancer.


In the national standard of paper cup quality, only the microorganisms need to be tested, the testing of the chemical substances has not been completed, because the testing is very complicated and difficult to complete. Some paper cups have a high carcinogenic risk due to the poor quality of the pulping process and a large amount of fluorescent bleach is added to the product in the white diagram. She recommends not using disposable paper cups, such as the best cold water, to reduce the risk of harmful chemical substances from evaporating.

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