The Feature For Disposable Coffee Cup

Disposable coffee cups is not uncommon for anyone. Do you have a detailed understanding of it? Do you know the product requirements? The details are as follows.

1. Paper surface exquisite

Requires control the roughness value for printed side of base paper or PE coating side, meet the exquisite of paper cup surface printing requirements.


2. High safety and health

Base paper and paper cups regularly are sent to the local national health and epidemic prevention system for health safety testing to ensure the users’ safety.


3. High whiteness

As the name implies, disposable coffee cup is used for diet. Without the use of fluorescent agent, it is need to keep the corresponding paper whiteness in base paper, to ensure clear and beautiful for the printed pattern.


4. Easy forming

It is mainly to create paper cups to avoid the process of making paper jams and wrinkles, and the formation of the paper cup is not easy to deformation, which require base paper high stiffness, good flatness, appropriate loose thickness so that can be formed easier.