Summary Of Shanghai Packaging Exhibition 2019

The 3rd Shanghai e-commerce packaging and supply chain exhibition ended on August 23, 2019.As an industry event of packaging products in China, the exhibition has built a perfect display platform for excellent packaging products, materials and innovative products at home and abroad, and created a platform for communication between domestic and foreign packaging manufacturers.During the exhibition, as a "pioneer" in the food packaging industry, pando environmental protection has won the recognition and support of the majority of customers with high-quality products and warm service.

  • Pando booth on site



In this exhibition, customers came to pando booth in an endless stream. We not only had more communication with old customers and suppliers, which demonstrated the good development trend of pando as a steadily rising enterprise, but also attracted new customers and new suppliers, injecting new vitality for the sustainable development of pando.

  • Patient communication and explanation


In the exhibition, the staff of pando displayed good professional knowledge, deepened the emotional communication with the guests, and enhanced the confidence of the guests in pando.

  • 100% no plastic embossing quilt series

展会IMG_4401展会IMG_4400During this exhibition, the pando environmental protection 100% plastic paper cup is the focus of the exhibition.Recyclable, recyclable packaging is a hot topic.

The exhibition to summarize


This exhibition has diversified forms and rich products. In the packaging market, the exhibition has brought more diversified, customized and humanized services.Through this exhibition, let the exhibition audience know the manufacturing strength and technological innovation ability of pando;On the other hand, it is helpful for pando to deeply understand customer needs in the communication with the audience, pay attention to the experience and feelings of consumers, and further integrate them into the subsequent improvement and improvement of products.At the same time, also understand the future packaging industry development of some trends.As the technology industry improves, so will pontus.With customer support and trust of pang degree of environmental protection, we will continue to practice "to provide clients with solutions and create value" concept, for the Chinese food packaging and environmental causes to provide effective solutions and solid technical service support, to "become a world-class respected packaging enterprise" the goal forward.