Serve On Paper Cup Or Plastic Cup?

It's so warm to have a cup of hot coffee in a cold winter day. Which one do you accept usually when drinking coffee, paper cup or plastic cup? Maybe some people do not care the cups while some may think it's more environmental by using paper cup than by plastic cup.


The paper industry likes paper cups a lot too. Environmental concerns from consumers and new bans on plastic foam are prompting food chains to make a switch in more and more cities in China.


McDonald's Corp. is replacing plastic foam cups with McCafe paper cups at all 14, 000 McCafes across the country. The company says it is trying to be more environmentally conscious and cut costs on trash.


Production of paper used to make cups has risen about 16% over the past five years in the U.S., according to industry group American Forest and Paper Association.


The food packaging industry are now recognizing it as a brand opportunity on a much broader scope.It seems like a moment in time where the big brands are choosing to take a public position for sustainability.


Environmental advocates say paper is easier on the environment than plastic foam because the latter tends to break up in landfills and then is mistaken by animals for food. Plastic foam is difficult to recycle, so many plants in the U.S. don't take it. It isn't biodegradable.