PLA Paper Cup

The global demand for plastic product is immense and the heavy consumption that causes problematic plastic waste has created destructive impact to the environment. PLA now becomes a popular packaging material due to the awareness of Saving Nature. As always being ahead of the market, Pando provides biodegradable PLA paper cups that are now available to replace the most common plastic cups. The idea behind PLA paper cups is to reduce plastic waste to the polluted environment.


The advantage of using PLA paper cups instead of PLA transparent cups is the compatibility with high temperature materials. PLA transparent cups are used for low temperature materials only as they deformed with high temperature content. 


Pando PLA Paper Cup Product Features

PLA — Biodegradable Green Ecological Plastic, which used in coating to our paper cups, while common PLA mostly uses renewable plant ( cassava,corn ) starch as raw materials, which poses a big concern for the environment and human health. Decomposition product is water and carbon dioxideproduct waste can be composted.

Pando is using the renewable material with the highest international credibility, to resolve environment pollution and health issues.


Up to now, Pando has passed and obtained full range of certifications to support its paper cups business. Those certificates obtained are for production safety, environmental compliance, and manufacturing efficiency.

Pando is committed to providing clean, safe, and high quality paper coffee cups, compostable paper cups to consumers.


Those certificates are:

ISO9001:2008 QMSC

ISO14001:2004 EMSC


Fully comply with EU/FDA Standard

Obtained OK Compost/seedling logo Certification for compostable cup

Passed SMETA audit, sedex audit

FSC certificate Chain of Custody (Mix)

BRC certificate