PLA Paper Cup

The production of PLA is generally considered as a more sustainable activity , because it didnt relies on fossil fuel as a carbon source.


As a leading, responsible paper cups manufacturer, Pando is dedicated to developing environmental friendly and sustainable packaging materials. Our single wall compostable paper cups are lined with bioplastics- PLA (Polylatic acid) which is made from annually renewable resources, from plants not oil.we've created cups that break down in a commercial compost facility and return to the Earth, leaving nothing but life-giving compost as a legacy.


The paper coated with 100% PLA, which adhere to paper without any additive. This is a huge advancement and good news for all package manufacturers. Lined with PLA instead of plastic, these renewable hot cups just might save the world


Our PLA lined paper cups are compostable and biodegradable in industrial compost facilities which had been approved by OK COMPOST and Seedling logos (In accordance with EN13432 and ASTM6868).