Paper Cup Features

1. light weight, preventing breakage. Compared with glass cups, paper cups light weight, and no risk of breakage.

2. low cost. Light weight saves distribution costs.

3. look good. Printing and decorating is easy to implement, good publicity and promotions.

4. can be used with a variety of materials, increased protection. It with aluminium foil, plastic material prevents modification of the contents, such as corruption.

5. shading performance, can keep the contents of color, aroma, and flavor.

6. packaging machinery operation, production, packaging to achieve high quality and high speed.

7. open and easy to seal, easy to Kaifeng to recover.

8. easy to dispose of waste and recycling, saving resources.

9. the emergence of new technology, paper-Cup manufacturing technology continues to improve, the new paper Cup and will appear on the product to larger varieties of promotion and marketing.