Paper Cup Against

The uneven quality of disposable cups in the market, and disasters. Some paper manufacturers in order to make the glass look more white, joined the fluorescent brightening agent, the fluorescent substance that allows cells to mutate, once in the body will be a potential cancer-causing factors. 

To makes paper Cup reached across water effect, production in the will in within wall coated a layer polyethylene across water film, polyethylene is food processing in the most security of chemical material, but if by selection of material bad, or processing process not clearance, in polyethylene hot melt or smear to paper Cup process in the, may will oxidation for Carbonyl Compounds, and carbonyl compounds in at room temperature Xia easily volatile, but in paper Cup pour hot Shi, on may volatile out, so people will smell to smell. Although no study has confirmed that on paper cups of Carbonyl compounds released what would be the harm to the human body, but from the general theory, long-term ingestion of this organic compound must be harmful to the human body. 

Even more worrying is that some poor-quality paper cups with recycled polyethylene, the reprocessing process will produce a cracking, cause many harmful compounds in use are more likely to migrate into the water. Prohibited by the State recycled polyethylene used in food packaging, but because of cheap recycled polyethylene, some small factories in order to save costs, is still illegal.