Pando Awarded The Procurement Management Award--PCM, YUM China 2017

Congratulations to Pando for being awarded the Procurement Management Award--PCM 2017, at the YUM China Supply Chain Partners Convention 2017 in Shanghai on May 8. The YUM China Supply Chain Partners Convention is held every two years, Pando has been awarded the Procurement Management Award--PCM by YUM for 2 sessions in 2015 and 2017.      



The Pando team received this award because of the integral role we played in the packaging containers in YUM China. Pando identified a new supplier and provided an alternative innovative packaging solution in a quick commercialization timeline.

The product innovation of Pando provided for YUM. Pando has customized a high quality emboss coffe cup for KFC to match the quality of its freshly brewed Arabica coffee. It could be embossed to any style easily.

Deploying exquisite die-cutting technology, Pando could realize customization needs from different clients. Die-cutting technology is widely used on various packaging solutions to create interactive moments with the end users, which largely enhanced the user experience with our packaging products.