Pando 2017 New Year Party —— One Direction, Create A Brilliant Together

2017 New Year Party



Site layout is quite warm and beautiful, the green as background which a symbol of a steady of vitality, it perfect fit with the concept of  environmental friendly and sustainable development.


Entrance to the venue where is a signature wall which use for taking photos with friends and signed up name. The wall is full of signatures, and also convey the Pando’s degrees "one direction, create a brilliant together" idea and determination.




Pando——Review 2018, outlook 2017


Speech time

The executive vice president Helen Chen, she have a short speech: In the past year, we work hard in unity. First advance to send you blessing, I wish all of you and your families with health and happiness, good luck in everything. 2017 years, the internal and external environment is more severe. In this critical period, we only hope toward future. Through management system adjustment, optimization, using modern management tools, re-examine the working procedure and strengthen management, improve the overall management level of enterprises, enhance the added value of products through product innovation, improve operating efficiency.



The General Manager Shentu, who said there are three major battles in front of us in 2017.

Three campaigns require all of our team to work together to overcome it. All the heads of various departments to work with us to give their loudest voice.


Pando would hasnt today's success without a group of outstanding partners, the company set up three awards: Outstanding Employee Award, Outstanding Team Award, Rationalization Proposal Award.


Pando——Party time


Staff representatives (Tang Jun) had a sing, brilliant performances won the audience applause.


The party punctuated with small game buddies for fun.



A wonderful show in the Lucky Drawusher in the climax, such as some buddy got ...  the new Apple tablet computer. In addition, there are a lot of buddy took the TV, mobile phone, the balance of the car, bicycle and so on.


In everyone's laughter, the new year party in an atmosphere of joy came to an end.

Let us in 2017 with the degree of "one direction,  create a brilliant together"