OrigamiPopcorn Buckets Production Tutorial

Here is a very simple origami Popcorn Buckets, of course, such a beautiful origami box, not only can put popcorn in it, any gadgets around you can be thrown into it. The whole box production process is very simple. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

1. Prepare square paper of appropriate size according to your needs first, if there are some patterns it would be great.

2. will have no pattern side up.

3. then diagonal folding.

4. then expand and then fold another focus.

5. when it is fully developed, the pattern side will face upward. Then press in and fold according to the crease.

6. at this time, a triangle will be formed.

7. flatten the model according to the style in the illustration.

8. First, fold the right side to the other side according to the graphical pattern. There is no exact value for the folding amplitude. It can be folded a little bit beyond the center line.

9. the left corner is operated in the same way.

10. then turn the model over. Operate according to the same way as the first two steps.

11. pick up the model and then fold the two corners with one side to the inside. Be careful to place the corner between the middle box and the outside edge of the model.

12. repeat 11 steps on the other side.

13. extend your hand to the bottom of the box and press the bottom of the box flat. Be careful not to poke the paper.

14. you can see that the pressure on the bottom of the box is relatively smooth.

The production is finished at this time. You can put your favorite things in it.

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