NRA Show In Chicago,USA

With a net exhibition area of 60,385 square meters, more than 2200 enterprises from 50 states of the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, the European Union, Japan, China and more than 40 countries participated in the exhibition.

   100th anniversary,

attracting buyers from different countries and regions to attend the event 


Pando is a professional service manufacturer specializing in paper food packaging.The company takes the road of innovation and development.From raw material selection to product design, ink selection, equipment selection, packaging optimization and other overall solutions.Create a strong joint cooperation model, to provide value-added services and create value for customers!Professional technicians at the exhibition site will communicate with customers face to face about the technical experience of paper cups and share innovative application cases.

national restaurant associate

During the exhibition,customers from all over the world came to Pando's booth to learn about products and discuss business cooperation.We are busy,tired but full. The joy on his face represents Pando's positive and optimistic attitude. We welcome dealers and partners from all over the world Cooperate and develop together.

Pando is at the 2019 U.S. NRA Show


Four major trends affecting the global packaging industry in2019 and the future

Interconnected packaging:a variety of technologies help brands connect physical packaging to the virtual world.

Recycling:brands have the opportunity to adapt to consumers' awareness of recycling through differentiated positioning

Remolded packing case:with more and more consumers online shopping, brands must establish a complete e-commerce packaging strategy to meet this demand.

Zero plastic:as zero-plastic aisles become increasingly popular in supermarkets, brands need to consider which packaging solutions will help them gain a foothold on the shelves.

pando At that moment, the pando team was on the Mississippi River in Chicago,posing with the sails.Wish the world peace and smooth sailing also hope that the team members will work hard, learn more,make more progress, constantly improve themselves, and grasp the nettle with strength. Come on, guys!Come on Pando!