New Trend Of Wholesale Market For Disposable Cups Cups Three Criteria Can Not Be Overlooked

 How to buy disposable paper cups. Currently on the market are mainly three kinds of disposable cups, namely white cardboard paper, waxed paper cups and plastic cup. White card paper cups can only be used for dry food or other things, waxed paper cups should not be temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius is water, paper and plastic cups from a layer of paper and coated paper form. When you buy a disposable paper Cup, it is best to smell the odor, weaker paper cups emitting a pungent smell, not buying. In addition, paper cups soft, light impurities can be seen, are of poor quality paper products, after use will have an impact on human health.

Disposable cups used for attention. Buy back of disposable cups, while in use, first with boiling water blanching, paper cups in the lining of some harmful substances into the water, and then pour the water out first, reduce the amount of harmful substances in the body of a paper Cup. In addition, using waxed paper cups with water, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, so as to avoid paper cups in the wax melts into the water because of the high temperatures, was drinking into the body.

Damage of disposable cups. In daily life, if not necessary, to minimize the use of disposable paper cups. Disposable cups in the process of production, may be illegal businessmen added fluorescent brighteners, industrial paraffin, inks and other substances harmful to human health. Moreover, our detection of disposable paper cups, found that products not up to safety standards is still more.