McDonald's And Starbucks Will Not Provide Plastic Straws, Chongqing Citizens: Not Using Straws Is Not A Real Solution

McDonald's and Starbucks will not provide plastic straws, Chongqing citizens: not using straws is not a real solution

Most of the street-side cold drink shops still use plastic cups and plastic straws.

Starbucks announced that disposable plastic straws will no longer be used until 2020. At present, the straw used by Starbucks cold drinks can be taken at the front desk by consumers.

Recently, because of a small straw, McDonald's and Starbucks joined hands to search on Weibo, attracting nearly a million netizens to discuss. Beginning on November 1st, McDonald's China will pilot two options for reducing straws in 10 restaurants in Beijing: three restaurants use a new “sippy-free lid”; the remaining seven restaurants do not offer straws.

Meanwhile,starbucks announced in July that it would replace disposable plastic straws in 28,000 stores around the world with straws that do not require straws and environmentally friendly materials.

McDonald's and Starbucks Chongqing stores do not actively provide straws

According to the official news of McDonald's China, from November 1st, 10 restaurants in McDonald's Beijing took the lead in piloting two options to reduce straws. Three of the restaurants offer a brand new “sippy-free cup lid” with a small “organ” on the mouthpiece, which can be drunk when pressed; 7 restaurants will take up the straw box and do not provide a straw. It is recommended that you open the lid directly drink.

At noon yesterday (8th), the Chongqing Morning News reporter went to a McDonald's store in Nanping Pedestrian Street. At this time, it is the peak of the meal. Many consumers who buy drinks will pick up the straws, and the clerk does not actively provide straws. Only when purchasing milk tea drinks, the clerk will be equipped with a thick straw.

The reporter observed on the spot that drinks such as cola were held in paper cups, and some hot drinks were held in small openable cups. Do not drink directly from the straw.The store staff said that the reduction of straws is currently only piloted in some stores in Beijing. The store has not received notification of relevant requirements from the headquarters. "Although Chongqing has not yet implemented, the store has not provided straws."The staff also said that the store has always had a sense of control over plastic products, including take-away plastic bags, which will not be distributed at will.

At 3 pm yesterday, Starbucks near the Weibo District of Yubei District, the situation here is similar to that of McDonald's. After getting the drink, customers can take the straw in the pick-up area. The straws provided in the self-taking area are all uniform green straws, and no straws with environmentally friendly materials are seen. According to the clerk, there is currently no environmentally friendly straw.

Streetside drink shop, straw plastic bags are still available without restrictions

Later, the reporter visited some beverage facade shops in the main city and found that many stores have begun to replace the original plastic cups with paper cups. The hot drinks products also use an open lid design to replace the plastic straws.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a 24-hour express supermarket near Jiazhou Road in Yubei District, a consumer bought a cup of hot soy milk, soy milk paper cups, the lid is openable, open the seal to drink.

The owner of the store said that the hot drinks in the store are packaged in such a way. On the one hand, the hot drinks themselves are not suitable for drinking with straws to prevent the occurrence of burns, and on the other hand, they respond to the call for plastics.

“Most consumers understand it, and everyone likes this kind of packaging.” The store owner said that it is necessary to implement environmentally-friendly straws. When drinking beverages, everyone is still accustomed to using straws. The way is to promote environmentally friendly material straws.

However, in many street-side beverage shops, many merchants continue to use plastic cups to hold drinks, plastic bags, plastic straws, and a set of plastic straw products.

Yesterday at 5 pm, in front of Nanping District, Nan'an District, a tea shop was lined up in front of a tea shop. Each drink was filled with plastic cups. All were equipped with plastic straws. The staff did not ask if consumers needed it. Plastic bag.

In some Internet cafes and KTV merchants, the situation is not limited to plastic. When distributing drinks (except tea hot drinks), most of them will be equipped with a straw.

Takeaway drinks merchant Environmental protection limit is increasing

In the last two years, with the popularity of take-out service, take-out has become a “consumer” for plastic bags, often with a take-out and needs to be packed in more than three plastic bags.

Earlier, this newspaper had found that many takeaway packaging still use plastic pockets, although many merchants said that these takeaways are charged for the box. However, it is understood that the general packaging costs are charged according to the box, and the plastic pockets outside the box are free.

However, recently, the reporter found that more and more take-away merchants began to use paper bags, especially take-away drinks, many businesses have begun to use paper cups, and replace the straw with a design that can open the lid.

“The take-away industry itself has to reduce costs and provide formal, hygienic and professional effects on the packaging.” A takeaway food store owner said that environmentally friendly packaging not only enhances everyone’s goodwill, but also allows consumers to appreciate it. The professionalism of the business, more and more take-away businesses began to adopt this packaging method.

Farmers' Market, Markets Citizens buy large plastic bags and small plastic bags

The plastic limit order has been implemented for 10 years. Many businesses will control plastic products, but some places are always “hardest hit”.

At 6 o'clock in the evening yesterday, in a farmer's market near the Yubei District, many citizens carried more than 10 plastic bags, and many of them were small bags.

The reporter saw on the spot that the merchant would provide a small plastic bag for every purchase. If you buy a variety of items at a booth, the merchant will also provide a large plastic bag for free.

Zhang Popo just bought a pound of beans, and the boss immediately put it in a big pocket. She found that Zhang’s mother had several bags with vegetables in her hand and a larger pocket. The plastic bags used by various vendors are basically limited ultra-thin plastic bags.

Why is there no charge for plastic bags? Do you know the plastic limit order? In the face of these problems, the stall owners all expressed unclear.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the location of a person and a market. The situation here is the same as that of the farmer's market. The shoppers are carrying more than 10 bags.

A stall owner who sold goods at the market for many years said that he had heard of the plastic limit order before, and he had charged the plastic bag for some time, but he recovered soon, and he later confiscated the fee.

The public said that the real implementation of environmentally friendly materials

For the practice of McDonald's and Starbucks, many people feel that this is the attitude of big companies. "No matter whether this practice can be implemented, it is worth learning for all enterprises." Mr. Hong believes that the white pollution caused by domestic garbage is causing damage to the whole ecology. Everyone should have a sense of crisis and participate in the protection of the environment. Large companies are even more responsible.

However, some people think that not using straws is not a real solution. “Using straws is not only for hygiene, but also for convenience. To protect the environment, it is still necessary to start with materials, instead of eliminating the necessary tools.” Mr. Wang said that what should really be implemented is how to popularize environmentally friendly materials and reduce The cost of environmentally friendly materials.