Material Of Coffee Cup

There are many kinds of coffee cup materials, such as pottery, stainless steel, Bone China and so on. Porcelain and pottery are glazed and sintered, the texture of pottery is rough, slightly water-absorbing, if the glaze color falls, that part is easy to be contaminated washed out; porcelain is fine in texture, non-water absorption, of course, the price will be much higher; bone china cup insulation is very good, can make coffee in the cup to maintain temperature, but the price is very high; Stainless steel cup insulation is super high, durable will not be worn, the price is slightly better than bone china coffee, but the lack of aesthetics;

The simplicity of the pottery cup and the rounded porcelain cup mark different coffee attitudes.

Ceramic cup: deep texture, suitable for deep baking and strong taste of coffee.

Porcelain cup is the most common, which can perfectly explain the delicate fragrance of coffee. Bone China coffee cup made of high-grade porcelain clay and mixed animal bone meal is the best choice to show the flavor of coffee.

Under the notion that coffee must be drunk hot, cup makers even match this emphasis to develop heat preservation

Coffee cup

Coffee cup

Fruit-made pottery cups, even better than porcelain-made Bone China cups, use this texture containing animal bone ash Bone China cups, can make coffee in the cup temperature slower. But because it is much more expensive than the first two, so the general family is less used, only in the more elaborate cafe can see.

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