Is It A Good Disposable Cup Or A Plastic Cup?

Disposable paper cups and plastic cups can be used to hold water. As for which one is good, it should be judged according to the actual situation. The paper cup is made of food grade wood pulp paper and food grade PE film. It has the characteristics of easy degradation and high heat resistance, but it may contain bisphenol A. This is because the processing of disposable cups is very much, and the more processing steps of the product, the higher the content of bisphenol A may be.

Most of the disposable plastic cups on the market are made of PC material or PP material. They can be used for hot drinks, good plastic cups, no plastic smell, no toxic substances, but some poor quality plastic cups will be heated. Some chemicals are precipitated. It should be noted that the surface of the disposable plastic cup appears to be smooth, but there are actually many voids that are prone to breeding a large number of bacteria. Therefore, disposable milk cups and plastic cups are not good from a health point of view. It is not recommended for long-term use. If it is not necessary, it is recommended to purchase quality products.