How To Use The Disposable Coffee Cup

On the coffee cup lid, there is something like a small button that can be dialed, put it up and insert it in front of it. You can also use the stir-stick to drink. The stir-stick is composed of two fine straw. it is recommended to take down the lid to drink. A cup of 200 ml general coffee cup which can be divided into three: the plain American coffee which more use of this cup, there is enough space to deploy, simple and free, like the United States. The same as more than 300 ml of the Mug and France Oulei (a kind of coffee, most of women's best health coffee cups). The special milk coffee cup - plus a lot of milk coffee, like latte, American mocha, with this a multi-purpose mug is enough to contain its sweet and varied taste. While the romantic French people are used to a bowl of milk coffee, rendering a whole morning of excitement. In addition to the appearance of the cup, but also to verify the texture of the cup, weight, is smooth. The weight of some of the light is better, so the texture of the cup and detailed, and detailed texture on behalf of the production of coffee cups of raw materials, fine particles, so the cup is tight and small space, easy to stick the coffee stains in the cup.Disposable Coffee Cup.jpgDisposable Coffee Cup.jpg

The disposable coffee cupwhich is composed with the cup body, the bottom of the cup and a moisture-proof film arranged in the paper cup, the edge of the moisture-proof film being fixed together with the cup barrel wall, the moisture-proof film, the cup and the bottom of the cup forming a closed air And the enclosed cavity is filled with the utility of the utility model: the volume is fixed and the amount of the coffee inside the cup body is fixed, so that the taste of the discharged coffee is pure and the proportion of the coffee and the water is not known And the destruction of the pure taste of its drinking coffee; moisture film set in the lower part of the cup, you can set the cup cups, save a lot of space, transport, storage and easy to carry out; low cost, easy processing, cleaning, health Environmental protection.