How To Buy Popcorn Buckets

The  popcorn buckets for  popcorn buckets is commonly called popcorn pail. 250G white cardboard is used as the raw material. Green, environment-friendly, pollution-free and recyclable. Popular love, strengths and weaknesses


Popcorn buckets are usually made of 250G white card paper, which has the advantages of green, environmental protection, pollution-free and recyclable. The cost of white card paper is lower than other raw materials, but the performance is not the same.


It must be folded manually, and the efficiency is not very high.

Industry authorities pointed out that the material for making popcorn buckets must be "food-grade white card paper." However, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, using recycled waste paper production, but because of poor pulp quality, the color is not white enough. In order to make the cup look more white, manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. Correct identification of qualified popcorn barrels:

1. Firstly, the inner wall of popcorn barrel with fluorescent whitening agent is whiter and brighter than that without fluorescent whitening agent.

2. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet analyzer, the popcorn barrel of fluorescent whitening agent will appear a piece of blue spot.

3. Long-term consumption of popcorn barreled food containing fluorescent whitening agent, carcinogenic care, must be doubly careful, if necessary, manufacturers can show relevant certification.

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