Garbage Sorting, We're On The Move

On August 13, 2019, dai xuegen, former director of municipal people's congress, and yu jijun, deputy secretary of the party committee of high-tech zone visited our company for guidance.Ms. Chen xiuhong, the President of the company, and Ms. Lu dongchen, the chief financial officer, gave a warm reception and communicated with each other on the specific matters of garbage classification.

President Ms. Chen xiuhong extended a warm welcome to the guests


In the exhibition hall of the company, Ms. Chen xiuhong, the President, introduced the origin of the name of pando, development goals and development philosophy, the development history of the company and strategic cooperative customers.

environment friendlyinnovate

During the visit, a group of people affirmed our company's garbage classification work, put forward rectification Suggestions on the problems in the living area, publicized the garbage classification standards from the source, inspected and re-sorted the middle end, and supervised the end end.Pondo will actively improve and improve and continue to work hard, strive to do better, to create a new life of environmental protection and health.


we promise:

Garbage classification consciously do

Lead by example, in the work and daily life correctly grasp the "recyclable garbage, perishable garbage, hazardous garbage and other garbage" four classification methods, according to the relevant requirements of classification of garbage.Actively participate in garbage classification knowledge training and related theme publicity service activities to improve the accuracy of garbage classification.

Garbage sorting takes the lead

Take seriously each garbage classification process, find garbage not classification, garbage throwing and other behavior, timely to dissuade and stop, and give relevant guidance and help, encourage more people to correctly understand the importance of garbage classification.

Garbage classification promotion do

We will give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of government officials in carrying out publicity, education and supervision activities on garbage classification in communities, enterprises, schools and other places during the "ten steps" and themed activities on garbage classification, and guide and drive the public to strengthen their awareness of garbage classification and improve their environmental protection quality.

Pondo not only actively participates in garbage classification, but also needs to start from its own products.With the enhancement of environmental protection concept, pondo launched PLA products that are 100% degradable, which can automatically decompose in a short time without causing any harm to the environment.

Pondo has been committed to reducing the burden of the earth and striving for environmental protection and sustainable development!From the earth, love the earth, love the earth, return to the earth!


Enterprise development should not only focus on business efficiency, but also pay attention to social responsibility to serve the country and social construction.In the future, pondo environmental protection will actively respond to national policies and implement the garbage classification system of the local government. All employees are required to participate and everyone is responsible.