Do You Think Paper Coffee Cups Are Recyclable Or Non Recyclable?

Do you think paper coffee cups are recyclable or non recyclable?

Where do you usually leave these coffee cups after drinking coffee?

Whether your answer is recyclable or not,

In fact, there is no standard answer to this question,


Because paper coffee cups,

Not completely recyclable,

But it's not completely recyclable.

Isn't it a little winding?

Let me give you a stroke:

We divide the coffee cup into three parts:

Top cover

Some coffee shops on the lower floor will provide insulation

And the paper cup in the middle

And these three parts,

Some can be recycled, some can't be recycled,

Some need to be checked to see if they can be recycled.


Start with the upper lid.

If you see a recyclable symbol on the lid

That means it's recyclable,

It needs to be put into a recyclable trash can.

If not,

It's not recyclable,

Just throw it in the ordinary trash can.

(a tip is that black lids are generally recyclable,

But white or transparent plastic caps are generally not recyclable.)

Thermal insulation paper cover

Big chain coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa,

Insulation paper covers are generally provided.

Basically, all the insulation covers are made of recyclable paper,

Need to be put into a recyclable trash can~

Coffee cups

Well, it's the most complicated part of the coffee cup.

Do you think paper cups can be recycled?


Not at all...

If it's just a 100% paper cup, it can be recycled,

But the key is the waterproof plastic layer inside the paper cup

Paper cups can't hold the heat and humidity of hot coffee,

So the waterproof plastic of the inner layer is essential.

But this layer of waterproof plastic is not recyclable.

This layer of plastic is tightly bonded to the paper cup,

There is no easy way to tear it.

To be exact,

No professional garbage company has the ability (or super high cost) to separate them accurately.

If 100% separation cannot be achieved and recycling procedures are forced,

Even if there is only 1% plastic left in it,

This 1% melted plastic will contaminate the whole can of melted pulp.

To explain it with an inappropriate saying is:

A rat shit spoils a pot of porridge.

Therefore, whether you throw the paper cup in the middle layer into the recyclable or non recyclable trash can,

All garbage companies treat them as non recyclable.

And for these unrecyclable wastes,

There is only one solution for waste disposal companies——

Landfill, landfill.

Do you feel very distressed?

Clearly 99% is recyclable paper,

But because of this thin layer of plastic,

Only all landfills can be selected.

After landfill,

The paper part needs 10 years to be degraded,

But plastics take 30 years to degrade.

Our consumption is constantly upgrading,

But the speed of making rubbish is far faster than that of disposing rubbish.

I can't imagine ten years later, twenty years later, a hundred years later,

What kind of earth will our future generations live on.

The bipartisan Environmental Audit Committee of the British Parliament,

It is recommended to charge for one-time coffee cups,

To encourage recycling, reduce waste, and maintain the environment.

Specially name large coffee retailers such as Starbucks and Costa coffee,

I hope they can follow the government.

The UK produces 30000 tons of coffee cup waste every year,

For every 400 cups, only about one will be recycled.

So what can we do?

What we can do:

When I finish my coffee

Remember how to handle the coffee cup on the handle:

First, look at the coffee cover,

→ recyclable is put into the recyclable garbage can,

→ if it is not recyclable, it will be put into the non recyclable garbage can;

And then coffee cups

→ throw into the non recyclable garbage can;

If there's a heat shield

→ put it in a recyclable trash can.

Maybe it's going to be a bit of a hassle,

But if you do take a few minutes to do that,

And do it every day,

Your contribution to the environment and future generations is immeasurable.

Of course,

Compared to reducing the waste,

There's a better way,

That is

Refuse rubbish from the source——


Bring Your Own Cup.

Bring your own coffee cup

We advocate bringing our own coffee cups to protect our environment,

There are many people who don't know that paper cups are not recyclable.