Cup History

Waxed paper cups

In 1932, the first waxing only come out two pieces of paper cups, its smooth surface can be printed on a variety of exquisite designs and improve promotion effectiveness. Waxed paper cups, on the one hand to avoid drinks with paper direct contact and adhesion of the sealant, enhancing the durability of paper cups in addition increases the thickness of the side walls, make paper Cup strength greatly improved, thus reducing the paper necessary to manufacture a sturdy paper cups and reduce production costs.

Straight double wall Cup

To expand the application range of paper cups, in 1940, straight double wall paper cup market. This Cup is not only easy, but also for containing hot drinks. Since then, manufacturers in these glass coated with latex to cover the paper with the "cardboard", and strengthen the paper cups leakproof. Single layer of latex coating wax coated glass is widely used in self-service vending machines to contain hot coffee.

Laminating plastic coated paper cups

Some food companies polyethylene coated cardboard, to increase the paper barrier and sealing. Due to the significantly higher than the melting point of polyethylene wax, using this new type of material coated paper cups, hot beverage can be ideal for reception, solves the melted coating materials and issues that affect product quality. Meanwhile, polyethylene wax coating of paint than smooth, improve the appearance of a paper Cup. In addition, as compared with using the processing of latex coating method is cheap and fast.