Classification Of Paper Cups

 Classification of paper cups 

The cup is divided into single PE and double PE coated paper coated paper cup.

PE: single side coated paper cup with one side PE coated paper production of paper cups called single PE cup (the common market cup, advertising cup most are single PE coated paper cups), in the form of paper cups filled with water: the side has a smooth PE film

PE double coated paper cup: double PE coated paper production of paper cups called double PE cups, form: PE coated paper cups both inside and outside.

Paper cup size: we measure the size of paper cups in ounces (OZ). For example: 9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, 7 ounces of paper cups on the market (OZ): ounce is a unit of weight, which represents 1 ounces of weight, equivalent to 28.34 milliliters of water

It can be expressed as: 1 ounces (OZ) =28.34 ml (ML) =28.34 grams (g)

At present, commonly used paper cups are disposable paper cups, advertising paper cups, receiving paper cups, beverage cups, tea cups, cups and other cups tasting cups!

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