Classification Of Paper Cups

Paper Cup is divided into single-sided PE coated paper cups and double side PE coated paper Cup

· Single side PE coated paper Cup: single side PE single PE coated paper production paper Cup called paper Cup (domestic common cups, advertising paper Cup mostly single side PE coated paper Cup), in the form: paper cups of water smooth side PE coated;

· Double side PE coated paper Cup: double sided PE coated paper production paper Cup called two-sided PE a paper Cup, form: Cup both inside and outside with PE coating

· Cup size: we use ounces (OZ) unit measure Cup size. for example: the common market 9 ounces, 6.5 oz, 7 oz cups.

• Ounces (OZ): an ounce is a unit of weight, here represented are: weight of 1 ounce of weight equivalent to 28.34 ml of water,

Can put it this way: a 1-ounce (OZ) = 28.34 milliliter (ML) = 28.34 grams (g)

Usually, commonly used paper cups are disposable paper cups, advertising paper Cup, hosted cups, drinking cups, tea cups, glass and other environmentally friendly paper Cup!