Characteristics And Characteristics Of Soup Cups

The soup cups is characterized by an inner bowl (1), an outer bowl (2) and a heat storage heating device (3) between them. The inner bowl (1) has good heat transfer property, and its upper edge has a slot-shaped short mouth (4), in addition, the outer bowl (2) is sealed by an outward turning cover. The outer bowl (2) is well insulated and has a notch (5) on the upper edge to accommodate the short mouth (4) insertion. When in use, the heat storage heating device (3) preheates and stores heat first, and places it between the inside and outside bowls before the rice noodles are put on the table. The chicken soup can still maintain 100 degrees after pouring raw meat due to heat release. The advantages of the utility model are as follows: 1., half of the chicken soup can be saved without wasting. 2. to make raw meat can be cooked or blanched uncooked, unhygienic concerns. 3. save a lot of energy for boiling chicken soup. 4., add the new meaning of "crossing the bridge". The utility model has great application prospect and popularization value.

soup cups making materials

Disposable soup bowl

Disposable soup bowl

The paper cups used for heating drinks are coated with plastic, which can withstand temperatures above 90 degrees, and can even hold water. Using food grade white cardboard as raw material plus PE film, inside and outside of the cup has PE film.

The characteristics of soup bowl

Safe, hygienic, lightweight and convenient. Public places, restaurants and restaurants can be used as disposable goods.

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