Can Disposable Cups In The Microwave?

Disposable paper cups into high temperature resistant not resistant to high temperatures and if you can bear high temperature and the bottom of the Cup has a logo, but is not resistant to high temperatures and so may not be in the microwave.

Paper cups and plastic cup heat resistance compared with stainless steel or ceramic cups still falls far short, generally apply only to dress the warm water below 60 degrees or a cold drink. If in a high temperature oven heating may release a large amount of Bisphenol a substance harmful to human health, and dissolves into the water or drinks into the body. However Internet rumours "paper Cup than the plastic cup of poison 30 times" the information unreliable.

Disposable paper cups and plastic cups are not to be encouraged, drinking glasses, because the two cups of quality and technology in our country at present lacks the strict national standards and the remaining standards are not mandatory, so much so that many contain Bisphenol-a, or heavy metals, lead "problem" rampant paper cups and plastic cup. Since not well, then we have from prevention first. In the process of the damage caused by the prevention of failure of the Cup, paper cups and plastic cups at a time not to be placed in the microwave for heating.