Are Paper Cups Microwavable

The disposable paper cup is divided into high temperature resistance and high temperature, if the high temperature cup bottom is marked, but generally it is not resistant to high temperature so it can not be put into the microwave oven.

The heat resistance of paper cups and plastic cups is far from that of stainless steel cups or ceramic cups. Generally, it is only suitable for warm water or cold drinks with a temperature below 60 degrees. If heated in a high temperature microwave oven, it may release a large amount of bisphenol A substance which is harmful to human health and dissolve into water or drinks to enter the human body. However, online rumors that "paper cups are 30 times poisonous than plastic cups" are not reliable.

Disposable paper cups and plastic cups are not encouraged, because the quality and technology of these two kinds of cups are still lack of strict national standards, and the remaining standards are not mandatory, so many "problem" paper cups and plastic cups which contain bisphenol A or heavy metals and lead over standard are rampant. Since we can not control the system, we must take precautionary measures. In the process of preventing the damage caused by unqualified cups, do not put a cup of paper and plastic cups into the microwave oven for heating.

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