Hot Paper Cups Make Carry-Out And Self-Serve Beverages Easy To Hold

Whether you’re serving hot chocolate at your sports stadium concession stand or steaming hot espresso at your café, our paper hot cups will keep your product warm for customers who are on-the-go! Hot paper cups provide insulation for your beverages so your patrons don't burn their hands, and some even come with double-wall construction for added protection. They feature rolled edges at the top so it's comfortable to drink from them and easy to attach carry-out lids.


Choose from paper hot cups in many sizes to suit extra small to giant-sized orders. We offer cups with a variety of exterior colors and designs, so you can customize the look of your take-out supplies to fit in with your café's theme. Use plain white styles to write custom orders on the cup, and try modern multi-colored options with printed graphics or drawings for artistic appeal. Many of our hot paper cups are also environmentally-friendly because they're compostable or made from recycled paper.