How to choose a paper cup

1, see: Select disposable paper cups, do not only look at the White Paper cup color, do not think the more white the more health, some paper cups manufacturers in order to make the cup look whiter, adding a large number of fluorescent brightener. Once they enter the body, these harmful substances can become a potential carcinogen. Experts suggest that the public in the selection of paper cups, the most under the lamp under a photo, if the paper cup in the fluorescent light blue, it is proved that the fluorescent agent exceeded the standard, consumers should use caution.

2, pinch: cup body soft collapse is not strong, careful leakage. In addition, to choose the cup wall thick stiff paper cup, cup body hardness is not high paper cup pinch up very soft, pour water or drink, the end will be seriously deformed, or even not up, affect the use. Experts pointed out that the general quality paper cups can be installed water 72 hours without leakage, and poor quality of half an hour will seep.

3, Smell: cup wall color fancy, careful ink poisoning. Quality supervision experts pointed out that the paper cups are stacked together, if damp or contaminated, must form mold, so damp paper cups must not use. In addition, some paper cups will be printed with colorful patterns and words, when the paper cups stacked together, the ink outside the paper cup will inevitably affect the outer layer of the paper cup, and the ink contains benzene and toluene, health damage, the most buy the outer ink printing or printing less paper cups.

4, use: Distinguish cold cup, hot cup, they have their own job. Experts finally pointed out that the usual use of disposable paper cups can generally be divided into cold drinks cups and hot drinks cups two, they have their own job, once "dislocation", may have an impact on the health of consumers.

Started in 1996, Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated company with its profound presence in paper,composite material manufacturing,machinery, printing and food packaging industry. The company manufactures and sells paper packaging products to the food & beverage sector through its main facility in Hangzhou, Zhejiang and supporting facilities in Sichuan, Hebei, Guangdong and Guangxi province.

Pando has an annual production capacity of 4 billion pcs per year. Main products are paper cups,other significant product lines are those for instant noodles, instant beverages,snack foods, and other related food & beverage  applications.  


Through its development,Pando always practices the idea of innovation and sustainability, with that, we have grown rapidly. The company has built strategic partnership with some major QSR and FMCG companies, such as: YUM!,General Mills, Mondelez, Mars, Nestle, McDonald's, KFC, Unilever, Mars, Jimailang, Xiang Piao Piao, Uni-president, Nissin, Nongshim and many other well-known domestic and international food companies.

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