Characteristics of paper cups

The ① is light in quality and resistant to breakage. Compared with glass cups, the paper cups are of light quality and have no danger of breakage.

The ② cost is low and the quality of light can save the circulation cost.

The ③ appearance effect is good, the printing decoration is easy to realize, the propaganda effect is good, can promote.

④ can be combined with a variety of materials to improve the protection function. It is combined with aluminum foil, plastic and other materials to prevent the deterioration of the corruption of the material.

⑤ shading Performance is good, can better maintain the color, fragrance, taste.

⑥ can be used to carry out the operation of packaging machinery to achieve high-quality high speed production, packaging.

⑦ opening and sealing convenient, easy to recover from Kaifeng.

⑧ is easy to dispose of waste and easy to recycle, saving resources.

⑨ the emergence of new technology, making the paper cup manufacturing technology continuously improve, new paper cups will appear and varieties of products to play a greater promotion and promotion.